Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jennifer. Wife of Steve, mother of 3 kids-Josh, Kyle and Taylor, and adopted parent of Mariah (our cat).

I am a stay at home mom. I am the CEO (I make all of the big decisions), CFO (balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, all that blah stuff), chauffeur (“Mom can you take me…?”), housekeeper (“Did you wash my red shirt? I can’t find my keys.”), short order cook (“I don’t like chicken, can I have a quesadilla?”),  event organizer (“I want a ‘Frozen’ birthday party!”), personal shopper (“I need socks, new notebooks and fine tip red sharpie markers!”-UGH), “shrink” (“Why did he kick me if he likes me?”), boo boo kisser (how many times can one child fall off their bike?)  of my family. I enjoy hanging out with my husband (you can usually find us at a book store or thrift store), looking for shells on the beach (Navarre, Florida has some nice ones), baking with my daughter (homemade chocolate chip cookies), listening to music (I’m a country fan-Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band), binge watching Gilmore Girls (I love Lorelai), saving money on almost everything I buy (although I hate using coupons because it’s so time consuming) and finding new ways to make money.

I will be honest, I have never been good with money. I am a spender by nature. I learned early on that not all things had to be purchased new and I fell in love with yard sales. Where else can you buy a book for a quarter or toaster for a buck? Clothing with the tags still on it, DVDs, Xbox games, even K-cups are some of the things I have purchased at yard sales.

Several years ago my husband learned about buying storage unit contents at auctions. This is similar to the show Storage Wars. We picked up this hobby years before the show started. We were able to buy units and sell the contents through Craigslist and Ebay. The little stuff that we couldn’t sell on those sites, we held onto for a yard sale. This helped us make extra money for vacations and gave us some very nice furniture pieces. This is where I became a yard sale expert. I searched and searched for tips, but I learned more by trial and error.

I have held or been part of about 100 yard sales and have been to probably 10 times that many. I have bought and sold stuff on Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook. Whether you call them yard sales, garage sales, estate sales or rummage sales, I can help you declutter your house and make some extra money at the same time.